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Our Installations

Look through a sample of our recent installations - contemporary or period, inserted or freestanding, gas or log - for ideas to help plan your new home heating. Click on the image to see an enlargement.


Lopi 3015 Linear Gas, Tathra
This cleanly designed gas fireplace was installed in Tathra NSw, where it complimented the home effectively.
3015 Linear Gas, Tathra

Lopi 4415ST, Tathra
Gas fireplace with stack pile featuring 10mm trim.
4415ST, Tathra

Lopi 564 GS, Merimbula
The Lopi gas fireplace range is proving a popular choice Australia wide. The broad selection of faces and 'Fyre' media provide endless design and finish opportunities.
564 GS, Merimbula

Lopi 564 GS2, Brush Shadow Box Face, Ember Log, Merimbula
This flat wall presented a perfect opportunity to construct a feature gas fireplace, lifting the ambience of the room. The Lopi creates a warm, comfortable space to unwind after a busy day out in the world.
564 GS2, Brush Shadow Box Face, Ember Log, Merimbula

Lopi 564 HO, Tathra
This stunning gas fireplace with a Wilmington Face was installed in Tathra, NSW.
564 HO, Tathra

Lopi 6015, Merimbula
This stunning Lopi 6015 gas heater provided an outstanding ambience and warmth to this Merimbula home on the South Coast of NSW.
6015, Merimbula

Jetmaster 700D
Jetmaster 700D fireplace with stainless steel brush flue and sandstone face, installed in Tura Beach.

Jetmaster 850
The sleek lines of the fireplace beside the woodbox merge with the kitchen to the left. The architect's central placement of the fire within an open-plan design brings the fire's ambience into the heart of the home.

Jetmaster 850
The strength and solidity of local granite gives the fireplace a presence within the room. It becomes a central feature in the home around which to gather.

Jetmaster 850 with Cantilevered Hearth
The owners' design: a suspended hearth complements the home's contemporary style. Recessing the fireplace into the wall creates a personalised wall unit within the living space with the fire as centrepiece.
850 with Cantilevered Hearth

Jetmaster 850, Murrah
Jetmaster 850 fireplace with freestanding case \ and a concrete podium. Installed at Murrah.
850, Murrah

Jetmaster 850, Pambula Beach
Simple lines are combined here with a solid granite hearth in a south coast beach house. The Jetmaster firebox delivers an efficient, high heat-output, creating a cosy space with mesmerising ambience during the cooler months. This firebox was installed through an external timber stud wall. The design possibilities are endless.
850, Pambula Beach

Euro Fireplaces Andorra Exclusive, Bawley Point
This highly functional and aesthetically pleasing fireplace was installed at Bawley Point, NSW
Andorra Exclusive, Bawley Point

Lopi Camano, Cuttagee
The contemporary style of this solid, freestanding wood heater placed on a slick, square hearth completes the placement inside the living area.With the spacious feel around the unit the firelight will be mesmerising at night.
Camano, Cuttagee

Lopi Camano, Tanja
So versatile to all styles, an artist's design is explored in this alcove installation. There is no limit to the possibilities of expression. Here, the polished concrete floor, rusty sheet metal and red walls are all thrown into the mix to create the finished look. Where will you take it?
Camano, Tanja

Lopi Camano, Tathra
A new direction in styling, the Camano brings a contemporary feel to Lopi's freestanding range. A design vision was developed by the owners of the 'fireplace floating' in the space. Their sourcing of the stone tiles and attention to placement creates an impressive result. Heatworks enjoys this synergy of working.
Camano, Tathra

Kemlan Coupe Insert, Tanja
An insert at Tanja, NSW, with a concrete cantilevered hearth and recess for TV.
Coupe Insert, Tanja

Lopi Cypress Freestanding Gas Fireplace, Bega
This freestanding gas fireplace raises the bar with its' three-sided view, attractive flame pattern and excellent heat output. Simple to install, the Cypress is a cost-effective way to heat your home with a quality gas fireplace.
Cypress Freestanding Gas Fireplace, Bega

Lopi DVL Gas Insert, Ember Log, Quaama
Having removed the existing woodheater the DVL was a perfect match with the existing mantelpiece and hearth, slotting neatly into the old fireplace. The days of bringing in the firewood are done and now it's a button on the remote to start the fire, bringing warmth and comfort into the home.
DVL Gas Insert, Ember Log, Quaama

Lopi DVL GS HO, Wallaga Lake Heights
This 'high output' (HO) heater was retro-fitted into an existing open fireplace with the 'Shadowbox' face and 'Stone Fyre' burner media selected for the finished look. The heater integrates perfectly with the contemporary design of this home.
DVL GS HO, Wallaga Lake Heights

Clean Air Edwardian fascia, Pambula Beach
The granite, cantilevered hearth highlights the Edwardian fascia and chrome door. Rendered brickwork complements the original fireplace design. Shelving to be installed above the wood box will complete the fireplace renovation - a great result!
Edwardian fascia, Pambula Beach

Lopi Endeavor with etched glass, Cuttagee
There's nothing around like Lopi's etched glass in wood heating. Be inspired!
Endeavor with etched glass, Cuttagee

Lopi Endeavour w/ Brush Flue Front, Wallagoot
This classically designed wood heater with long burn times and low emissions was installed in Walllagoot, NSW.
Endeavour w/ Brush Flue Front, Wallagoot

Lopi Endeavour, Bemboka
With pedestal and drop down hearth.
Endeavour, Bemboka

Lopi Endeavour, Wallagoot
Lopi Endeavour Wallagoot with brushed SS flue.
Endeavour, Wallagoot

Lopi Evergreen, Merimbula
This reliable medium-sized heater was installed in Merimbula, NSW, providing an efficient burn time of up to 10 hours.
Evergreen, Merimbula

Euro Fireplaces Falun
Freestanding European design fireplace with glass hearth. Installed in Bermagui, NSW.

Lopi Flush Wood Hybrid, Merimbula
A versatile heater design that adapts to many styles, the Hybrid will become the feature of the living space in this new designer home.
Flush Wood Hybrid, Merimbula

Lopi Flush Wood Hybrid, Merimbula
The flame pattern will capture the eye from all locations within the room.
Flush Wood Hybrid, Merimbula

Lopi Flush Wood Hybrid, Tura Beach
Another Lopi Hybrid bringing the open fire to life. Super-efficient with styling that complements this feature fireplace, many relaxed nights are to be had in front of this Lopi.
Flush Wood Hybrid, Tura Beach

Lopi Flush Wood with Cypress Face, Killcare
New from Lopi, the Flush Wood is a leading direction in style for wood heater inserts. Retro-fitted into the existing fireplace, the Cypress Face complements the curves of the masonry profile. The slim frame of the large glass door retains the feel of the open fire.
Flush Wood with Cypress Face, Killcare

Lopi Flush Wood, Bermagui
Shadowbox face on a Bermagui heater.
Flush Wood, Bermagui

Lopi Flush Wood, Merimbula
With shadowbox face and marble drop down hearth. Merimbula NSW.
Flush Wood, Merimbula

Lopi Flushwood Hybrid Large, Wallagoot
An efficient heater with a long overnight burn time and shadowbox face, upgraded from anon fireplace for efficiency.
Flushwood Hybrid Large, Wallagoot

Lopi Flushwood Hybrid Small, Merimbula
Lopi Flushwood Small with universal face.
Flushwood Hybrid Small, Merimbula

Lopi Freedom Bay Insert, Wallagoot
Lopi Freedom Bay Insert, with super low emissions and long burn time.
Freedom Bay Insert, Wallagoot

Other Hearths
We welcome you to explore custom designing the hearth and fireplace surrounds for your fireplace. Heatworks can make a hearth to your design within safety specifications. With the broad range of tiles now on offer the finish of the hearth becomes an opportunity to link the fireplace to the room.

Lopi Large Hybrid Flushwood, Tilba
This Large Hybrid Flushwood was installed in Tilba NSW and with the zero clearance firebox, the renovation was kept cost effective and the heater was incorporated fantastically into the cabinet/wall unit.
Large Hybrid Flushwood, Tilba

Clean Air Large Insert, Cuttagee
This insert was retro-fitted into the huge opening of an existing fire. The rendered infill is recessed to define the arch and original fireplace design. The raised Insert makes loading the firebox easier and balances the elevation of the high ceiling.
Large Insert, Cuttagee

Clean Air Large Standard Insert, Quaama
This large house was not quite warm enough with the existing open fireplace. The Clean Air insert recesses back into the brick beautifully as though it has always been there, offering a more efficient heating solution.
Large Standard Insert, Quaama

Clean Air Large Victorian Insert, Bega
This old Bega home had a beautiful marble mantlepiece surrounding the existing open fire. The Victorian Fascia creates a perfect link between the style of a bygone era and the efficiency of a contemporary wood heater.
Large Victorian Insert, Bega

Lopi Liberty Pedestal, Pambula
The existing masonry heater was removed at this home and was replaced with this stunning freestander in Pambula, NSW.
Liberty Pedestal, Pambula

Clean Air Medium Insert, Merimbula
The Medium Insert with Standard Fascia has been retro-fitted into an existing open fireplace. The fireplace is retained as a feature with excellent efficiency.
Medium Insert, Merimbula

Clean Air Medium Insert, Merimbula II
This old beach house had a stylish sandstone surround on the existing open fireplace. A retro-fit gives modern efficiency to the fireplace, while the clean lines and balance of the Standard Fascia complement the beauty of the original sandstone surround.
Medium Insert, Merimbula II

Clean Air Medium Zero Clearance Insert, Bega
The Clean Air Zero offers so much freedom: allowing the chimney breast to be safely constructed around it without costing a fortune. Here we incorporated a wood box, recessed shelving and cantilevered, granite hearth into the chimney breast. The Zero firebox is a smart, well thought-out product allowing plenty of scope for design.
Medium Zero Clearance Insert, Bega

Other Morso, Bermagui
This classic European heater has really jazzed up this family beach house: featuring a raised corner hearth in Travertine pavers and a mini-orb heat shield capped in local hardwood on the walls. The brush-finished stainless casings and ceiling plate add the final touch.
Morso, Bermagui

Clean Air Premium Console, Cobargo
The Clean Air Console's modern style sits so well with the bold red wall behind.
Premium Console, Cobargo

Clean Air Premium Console, Millingandi
This contemporary design is about creating balance with minimal clutter. Clean Air makes it all too easy.
Premium Console, Millingandi

Clean Air Premium Console, Tathra
With the hearth and stack stone wall already in place the old wood heater was replaced with a Clean Air, giving the room a contemporary lift to complete the renovation. The down lights create ambience, highlighting the backdrop for the fireplace.
Premium Console, Tathra

Lopi Republic 1250 Insert with cast iron fascia, Bega
The 1250 insert slipped in behind this existing mantel nicely to look like it's always been there. The Lopi greatly improves the fire's efficiency and heat output, while complementing the retro finish on the mantelpiece.
Republic 1250 Insert with cast iron fascia, Bega

Lopi Republic 1250 with Sandstone Hearth, Narooma
The 1250 is a terrific small heater adaptable to many home designs. Here it's been kept minimal, the sandstone hearth's rough cut edges giving an organic feel.
Republic 1250 with Sandstone Hearth, Narooma

Lopi Republic 1750, Bega
Installed with a recessed hearth and mesh flue kit.
Republic 1750, Bega

Lopi Republic 1750, Bermagui
Painted flue with heat shield.
Republic 1750, Bermagui

Lopi Republic 1750, Tathra
Lopi's entry-level woodheater in the medium size/price range. The Republic combines all the charm and durable construction that come with a Lopi woodheater, with the cook top and radiant heating that lie at the core of its design. This installation shows the balance that can be achieved without blowing the budget. The large Travertine tile and timber-surround hearth matched with the pedestal create a contemporary, earthy feel to the room.
Republic 1750, Tathra

Lopi Republic with inbuilt slate hearth
The slate hearth has been recessed into the timber floorboards so that it sits flush with the floor, making cleaning a breeze.
Republic with inbuilt slate hearth

Lopi Retro insert
This Lopi insert fitted into the existing fireplace in keeping with the period fittings of the house.
Retro insert

Kemlan Supa Nova Insert, Tanja
This large inbuilt convection heater was installed in Tanja, NSW
Supa Nova Insert, Tanja

Kemlan Supa Nova, Wolumla
An insert of the Kemlan Supa Nova in Wolumla NSW.
Supa Nova, Wolumla

Clean Air Victorian
During renovation of this room we were able to convert a huge kitchen fireplace to an efficient, space-heating slow combustion fire. Complementing a bygone period home, the traditional mantelpiece and victorian facade are perfectly matched to the mosaic-patterned hearth.

Clean Air Victorian Insert, Bega
Installed to existing fireplace and mantelpiece in Bega, NSW. New hearth tiles added to complete period restoration.
Victorian Insert, Bega

Clean Air Woodheater Insert, Bega
Upgrading the old, worn-out woodheater delivered a huge lift to the comfort level in this home. With sensitive attention to the details, the fireplace retains the features of the original brickwork and the new hearth strikes the balance.
Woodheater Insert, Bega

Clean Air Zero Clearance with Granite Cantilever Hearth
The zero insert offers many options for fireplace design and simple construction for the feature surround. As in this case we are able to easily work in with the builder during the build to deliver the clients vision for their living space.
Zero Clearance with Granite Cantilever Hearth

Clean Air Zero Insert, Tathra
Clean Air Zero Insert with an Edwardian Fascia, chrome door and polished concrete cantilevered heath.
Zero Insert, Tathra