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End of Year Clearance Sale 

Purchase the Lopi 864ST direct vent gas fireplace today to receive a free brush nickel shadow box face. 

The 864ST gas fireplace is the perfect choice for your home, with a realistic 9-piece log set, split-level burner and view from either side. With an Mj input of 39.5 high and heating capacity of up to 135 sqm, this fireplace will surely keep you warm throughout the winter months. 

For $7099.00, the Lopi 864ST gas fireplace comes with a free brush nickel shadow box face. 

1 available. 

Zero Clearance Firebox Option 

With our zero clearance firebox option, we offer the possibility of having a personalised wooden frame built to surround the fireplace. We work together with the client to design and build a unique, high quality frame which aims to achieve a specified creative vision, bringing the client's ideas to life. This allows for the whole fireplace to complement the design and decor of your home. 

The zero clearance option is available for most slow-combustion and gas fireplaces. 

Pictured below are the 564 HO gas fireplace with a zero clearance timber frame stone face, a Lopi Hybrid Flushwood fireplace with a zero clearance timber frame and a Lopi Flushwood fireplace with a zero clearance timber frame under construction.

Gas Promo

The Lopi gas fireplaces offer an excellent heating alternative that has a high heat output and attractive flame patterns with face finishes that work in both contemporary and traditional style homes. With remote control, these gas heaters require a push-button start which releases instant heat into the room without any mess. Ideal for a 3-bedroom coastal residence. Start up and running is slightly higher in cost than wood heating but this gas option offers an attractive fireplace feature for a busy lifestyle. 

Pictured is the Lopi 6015 installed in Merimbula, NSW.

Lopi Liberty (Cast Door, Black Legs) - $3590.00 (RRP $4420.00)

 One available. 

The Lopi Liberty is the largest woodheater made by Lopi, capable of heating up to 300sqm. The firebox viewing area is substantial, allowing you to appreciate the splendour and radiance of the fire inside this winter. 

Find out more about the Lopi Liberty here: www.lopi.com.au/products/lopi-liberty/ and see how the Lopi wood heaters burn here: www.lopi.com.au/videos/