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Open Fireplaces

The Jetmaster Universal wood-burning fireplace will enhance the comfort and warmth of any home. From traditional to contemporary, the design options with the Jetmaster Universal are endless.

The Jetmaster is designed to draw in cold air in your home, heat it and then vent it out as a stream of warm air. With the Jetmaster Universal designs, the wood is burnt down to a thin ash allowing for limited cleaning and a slower burn rate meaning warmth for longer. The logpan only needs to be cleaned once or twice a season depending on frequency of use.  

If you already have an existing fireplace then it is simply a matter of sliding the appropriate sized box into the brick fireplace and using the existing chimney. No additional fluing is required.

Available as Zero Clearance. 

There are over 12 sizes available. 


 Check out these 2 videos from Jetmaster on their Open Fireplaces.




850 Cantilevered Hearth
Jetmaster 850 Cantilevered Hearth
Jetmaster Freestander
Universal 1050
Jetmaster Universal 1050
Universal 700D
Jetmaster Universal 700D
Universal 850
Jetmaster Universal 850
Universal 850 low
Jetmaster Universal 850 low
Universal 850 Victorian Fascia
Jetmaster Universal 850 Victorian Fascia