We are excited to be sharing the British Fires range of electric fireplaces.

At British Fires the design and development team has one mindset; uncompromising quality, which drives them to deliver top-end products. Their aim is to help you create a peaceful and relaxing environment.
Ever since the inception of the New Forest 1200 Electric Fire they have continued to develop and attain a reputation for excellent products and customer support. The award winning LED flame-effect and patented Air Curtain Technology continue to impress clientele from California to Qatar.
We think you will enjoy exploring the collection of products in the range and even more so to experience this technology in your home.

There is no substitute for quality…

See how the Deluxe Real Log fuel bed comes to life with artisan techniques delivered a British Fires electric fireplace.


The patented Air Curtain Technology is powered by the process of circulating cooler air in and dispersing warmed air back into the room via the dual-outlet system, which is discreetly placed above the glass, creating an efficiently heated space.

2020 Art of Fire Vesta Winner

The New Forest Electric Fire won a Vesta in the Art of Fire category for our LED flame-effect technology at the 2020 HPBExpo in New Orleans. 


The British Fires Range