The 1000 W is the cleanest wood burning cooker Esse have ever built incorporating patented catalytic technology, used to clean the emissions and reburn smoke particles, the 1000 W releases just 0.04 CO emissions and as little as 20 mg/m₀³ of combustion dust.

ESSE 1000 W offers the best of both, dependable cooking performance and room-filling radiant heat all rolled into one beautifully hand-crafted range cooker. Welcoming warmth at breakfast and piping hot water – yes, there is even an optional domestic hot water boiler model. The surround heat from the firebox powers a large graduated temperature hotplate and three, generously deep, heat-retaining ovens provide stable radiant baking and roasting qualities.

Inside the top left cast iron door is a glass viewing window to the fire. Four, simple to use, firebox and flue controls give an impressive level of temperature adjustment offering the user exceptional burn rate control for energy-efficient running. With an efficiency performance over 81%, the 1000 W extracts more heat from the wood, emitting minimal smoke and leaving only a small amount of ash.

  • Cast iron hotplate – up to six pans
  • Durable high performance hob finish
  • Three ovens – total capacity 126 litres
  • 1000 WN wood cooker heat output – 4.6kW
  • 1000 WD with domestic hot water boiler heat output – 7.6kW

The Ironheart has one large hotplate with varying temperature zones. The heat generated from the fire rises, transfers, and surrounds an oven on the right.

The ESSE Ironheart cooking stove features three simple controls.

  1. ONE – air control at the top left of the firebox to allow air into the fire for clean combustion and to help keep the screen clear.
  2. TWO – the stove or bypass damper to divert heat from the fire to the oven or to allow all heat to the stove for maximum output to the room.
  3. THREE – the flue damper, to control the draw from the flue or chimney. When using the stove to heat the room raise the hotplate lids, when down the lids conserve heat for hotplate cooking.