Meet Ironheart, a clean-burning, energy-efficient heating and cooking stove.

Ironheart encapsulates over 160 years of heating and cooking British stove design, in one, beautifully simple, iconic cook stove.

Within the large firebox, super-efficient clean burn technology extracts the maximum energy from the combustion process and stores heat for many hours after lighting.

When controlled correctly the stove will burn overnight and can be revived with refueling the following morning. Convection panels radiate warmth to your room.

Updated in line with the new EcoDesign requirements, ESSE Ironheart is now EcoDesign Ready. 

Originally launched in 2004 to celebrate 150 years of ESSE Ironheart is a stove and a range cooker in one, combining the best of our two main product ranges.

Enjoy watching the flames leap and flicker through the large clear glass window while it heats and cooks. 

Ironheart has convection panels that radiate warmth like a wood-burning stove. The oven has an almost 50 litre capacity, and you can also cook directly in the firebox. With the “dog bone” hotplate comfortably able to take up to six pans, the Ironheart is equipped to bring out the very best in creative cooks – so no wonder it’s become a firm favourite at Park Farm, River Cottage HQ.

  • 47 Litre Oven
  • Hotplate up to 6 pans
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • Heat output to room up to 7.6kw
  • Optional hostess shelf

The Ironheart has one large hotplate with varying temperature zones. The heat generated from the fire rises, transfers, and surrounds an oven on the right.

The ESSE Ironheart cooking stove features three simple controls.

  1. ONE – air control at the top left of the firebox to allow air into the fire for clean combustion and to help keep the screen clear.
  2. TWO – the stove or bypass damper to divert heat from the fire to the oven or to allow all heat to the stove for maximum output to the room.
  3. THREE – the flue damper, to control the draw from the flue or chimney. When using the stove to heat the room raise the hotplate lids, when down the lids conserve heat for hotplate cooking.

Upon lighting the Ironheart ensure that the bypass damper is in the horizontal position, the flue damper is pushed back, or open position, and the air control is set to the left for maximum airflow into the firebox.

Once the fire is established use the controls to optimise the burn rate and reach desired temperatures in the oven. To reduce the air to the fire, slide the top left air control to the right to minimise air circulation in the firebox. Position the bypass damper vertically to divert hot gasses around the oven and slide the flue damper to the forward position to prevent excess draw from the chimney.