Product Description

Designed and manufactured by Brunner in Bavaria, these heaters are maximized for Australian wood heating conditions.

The inbuilt refractory kit of the Brunner BSK6 allows for an uncomplicated, cost effective and safe installation. The Brunner heaters produce a beautiful picture of a perfectly clean burning flame while providing the heating needs of an average sized home, using highly effective natural convection combined with heat storage.

The Brunner series stands out due to its sturdiness and high-quality materials, a result of state-of-the-art technology and a combination of both traditional and contemporary ways of engineering and construction. 

The designer inbuilt kit can be finished with paint, render, tile or a stone cladding. A full enclosure up to the ceiling is also possible. 

Currently, Euro Fireplaces offers 4 different inbuilt options within the Brunner range:

  • BSK06
  • BSK06 Tunnel
  • Brunner Panorama
  • Brunner Panorama Tunnel

These can be viewed within the image gallery.

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