Product Description

The largest firebox made by Lopi, the Liberty heats up to 300sqm. With traditional styling, features include a step-down cooktop, bypass baffle control and pre-heated air delivery. This radiant-convection firebox is lined with 25mm refractory bricks, offering massive heat retention, longer burn times and protection to your firebox. The viewing area is extra-large, allowing you to fully appreciate the splendour of the fire inside. There are a variety of leg, pedestal and door options available.

New features of the Lopi Liberty include:

  • Larger viewing area
  • Improved door design
  • New door handle
  • Ashpan
  • Improved efficiency
  • Lower emissions
  • Optional 400CFM rear fan
  • Optional GreenStart 

The Lopi Liberty door options include black, brass and pewter. The legs are available in black, brass, pewter and cast.

Find out more about the Lopi Liberty here.

View the Lopi Wood Heater brochure here.

Key Features

Heating Capacityup to 300 sqm
Maximum Burn Timeup to 12 hours
Firebox Size0.103 cubic metre
GreenStart CompatibleYes