Product Description

The SmartBurn device makes cleaning your chimney flue SIMPLE and STRESS FREE. SmartBurn is a combustion catalyst for wood heaters and is based upon a mixture of natural, non-toxic and non-corrosive ingredients which dissolve existing creosote accumulations whilst preventing further build-ups in your flue.The vapours emitted by SmartBurn also turn wasted fuel (smoke) into burnable fuel, saving you money on wood whilst also saving you the arduous task of cleaning your chimney. SmartBurn improves the combustion efficiency of your heater, providing up to 17% more value from your wood, reducing smoke and particulate emissions by up to 54%, and keeping your heater glass door clean. The SmartBurn tube has been thoroughly tested for effectiveness and safety by four independently Certified Laboratories. Since its launch in 2005 the device has won over 72 Awards for Environmental Sustainability, Innovation & Excellence.