As Australia’s No.1 selling suspended fireplace company on its design, price, heat out-put and functionality, Aurora’s ongoing mission is to create the ultimate in luxury suspended fireplaces.
Aurora’s hanging fireplaces are captivatingly elegant in design, the ultimate luxury feature for your home. Meticulously handcrafted in their manufacturing facility in Australia, every hanging fireplace is unique.
Creating enduring, awe- inspiring suspended fireplaces for design conscious homeowners, architects, builders and designers, is what they aspire to achieve.
The choice of materials they use in the manufacturing holds enormous importance to their manufacturing operations in Australia. AURORA was founded on engineering expertise, combined with locally Australian made materials and systems, to create a new level of innovation, flexibility and luxurious quality.
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A wood-burning stove is the first choice for many customers, and we don’t blame them. The ambiance and ritual associated with a wood burning fire are hard to resist and an open fire will add a touch of soul to any space.

Both efficient and practical, wood is a great choice in fuel and can offer real energy savings.

Wood-burning fires use the leading renewable source of energy: wood biomass. This fuel is ecological and creates a unique atmosphere, along with excellent thermal comfort.

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Bioethanol is an eco friendly fuel that burns clean and has a minimal carbon footprint. Unlike fossil fuels, bio ethanol isn’t a finite fuel source, which means it’s renewable.

Bioethanol converts into a fine water vapour when burned. It is therefore very clean – the only substances remaining after combustion are carbon dioxide & water. This makes it a great option for regions that have wood fire bans, such as some parts of New Zealand. As it requires no external flue system it’s also an excellent option for apartments or other projects that cannot incorporate an external flue system.

The fact that no flue or chimney is needed means most of the heat generated stays in the room. However it’s important to keep in mind that the heat generated from a bioethanol fireplace cannot compete with a wood burning fireplace so if you will be relying on your fire as the primary source of heat we don’t recommend a bioethanol fire.