Euro Fireplaces are European designed and manufactured, selected especially for Australian climates and hardwoods. The wood heaters burn clean and efficient, using minimal fuel.

Euro Fireplaces was established in 2010 in the Victorian high country after the founders realised the wood heaters offered in the Australian market were not as efficient as those in the European market.

There is a long tradition in Europe of striving to achieve the highest efficiencies in the industry. Harsh climates require considered design; houses are built tighter, cars can run on minimal fuel and fireplaces use as little wood as possible to achieve impressive results. These principles can be seen in the quality of Euro Fireplaces wood heaters.

Natural Convection

Wood heaters in Europe have been refined over the past 100 years with a focus on perfecting traditional fireplaces with modern heating technology and design. Modern European wood heaters utilise the principles of natural convection which is considered to be the most efficient form of wood fire heating. The convection process requires a smaller flame than traditional Australian fireplaces, using a double flue to circulate and convert cool air to warm air within your house, ensuring long-lasting ambient heat.

Heat bank

Stylish and efficient, many of the wood heaters imported by Euro Fireplaces feature stone and ceramic components. These dense materials function as a natural heat bank, storing heat throughout the day before distributing it overnight while your heater is not burning at full capacity. This same effect can also be achieved by inserting heat bank materials inside the flue of your fireplace, allowing you to utilise this feature in many of our styles and materials.

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